Greeks, Bulgarians enjoy Christmas shopping in Edirne

Published 22.12.2018 00:00
Updated 22.12.2018 08:00
People shopping at the Ulus Pazarı, a local marketplace in Edirne.
People shopping at the Ulus Pazarı, a local marketplace in Edirne.

Northwestern Turkey's Edirne has become a top shopping destination for Greeks and Bulgarians, who look to benefit from competitive prices and high-quality products.

Numerous shoppers from neighboring countries flock to the weekly Ulus Pazarı, a local marketplace where one can find a wide variety of goods – from glassware and tableware to clothes. In addition, Greek and Bulgarian tourists also visit the city's historical markets and shopping malls.

Local authorities have launched websites in Bulgarian and Greek and prepared mini-shopping dictionaries for local businessmen for easier communication with customers.

Edirne municipality is also suing road signs in Bulgarian and Greek to attract more tourists.

Chairman of the Ulus Pazarı Traders Association, Bülent Reisoğlu, told journalists that Greek and Bulgarian tourists come to Edirne to enjoy Christmas shopping.

"Edirne has become a top shopping destination for our neighbors recently. Thousands of tourists from the Balkan countries, particularly from Greece and Bulgaria, come to Edirne for shopping. The Christmas period draws many shoppers to the city, making a significant contribution to its economy. Salih Mızrak, a tradesman at Ulus Pazarı, said that shopping for Christmas and new year has revived the city's economic activity. "We are pleased with our business. Tourists from neighboring countries come here for shopping. That's good for us," he said.

Agafia Petridis, a Greek tourist, said that shopping in Edirne was very affordable.

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