Two million 451 thousand tourists in Turkey reported in April

Published 28.05.2013 10:46
Updated 28.05.2013 10:52

The total sum of visiting tourists in Turkey reached 6 million 665 thousand 379 in the first four months of the year.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and The General Directorate of Businesses have released reports on tourism figures for the month of April.

The tourist count for April this year compared to last year's figures, shows a rise by 13.02% to 2 million 451 thousand and 31. Out of the total 2,451,031 tourists that visited, 137 thousand were day trippers.

The tourist count from January to April increased

The figures for the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year indicate that the tourist count to Turkey has increased by 18.85% in comparison to last year. The first four months of the fiscal year recorded a 6 million 665 thousand 379 tourist count, 215 thousand 366 of which (3.23%) were day trippers visitors.

Tourist ffigures by month:

January: 1,104,754
February: 1,268,440
March: 1,841,154
April: 2,451,031

Total: 6,665,379

Tourist figures by country in April:

Germany: 356,621
Russia: 200,740
Georgia: 133,729
Syria: 133,244
Holland: 132,447
Bulgaria: 131,657
England: 122,282
France: 111,635
Iran: 67,988
Italy: 67,162
Other: 993,526

Total 2,451,031

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