Marmaris is calling you

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Published 06.06.2015 01:25
Updated 06.06.2015 01:44
Marmaris is calling you

The clear, turquoise waters of Marmaris are waiting for you. Promising the beauty of both the Aegean and Mediterranean seas along with its history, nature and delicacies, the town is sure to be one of the favorite holiday destinations this summer yet again. The bays of Marmaris welcome vacationers who would like to have a quiet and secluded holiday.

One of these bays is Bördübet. The bay was named after the British soldiers who held meetings here during World War II. When the Brits observed that the region was the natural habitat for many species of birds, they named it "Bird the Bed." The name became Bördübet among the residents at the time. The bay has a unique nature where you can find numerous species of colorful birds.

If you want to spend the night, the Golden Key Bördübet is the hotel to choose. It is a relaxing, secluded facility that allows you to be far from others eyes and the owners, Şebnem and Sedat Uyar will host you perfectly. Located in the woods, it is a boutique hotel. Based on the story of "Bird the Bed," there are bird motifs in every room and authentic bird fountains located outside the rooms. Having only 41 rooms, the hotel is situated in the midst of green scenery with a brook on both sides. Most of the rooms, along with the main restaurant, overlook the brook. You can see and feed the swans, ducks, turtles and goldfish in the brook, which is illuminated at night. Since the main facility of the hotel is set on a big green area alongside the brook, during the day you can either read a book sitting on a wooden chair by the water or sleep in a hammock and enjoy the sun. The special feature of this hotel is the peninsula, which is open only to its guests. You can take advantage of the sea and beach here. This peninsula, which you can reach in eight minutes by private boat anytime during the day, belongs only to you. Going to the peninsula by boat from the hotel is a must. The junction of the sea and the brook is an incredible place. You can enjoy the turquoise sea or have a massage in one of the private bungalows on the peninsula where the hotel team always welcomes you and offers you an ice-cold towel. You can also taste the delicacies of the Mediterranean in the restaurant, where it is recommended to try the lahmacun with eggplant and bergamot sorbet. After tasting these delicacies you can climb to the natural observation terrace and look at the magnificent view of the Gökova Gulf and take pictures of the sunset.

Wood and bird motifs are prevalent in the rooms of the hotel, and the rooms are colored in cream and white to create a feeling of contentment. If you are on your honeymoon, it is recommended to choose a room with a Jacuzzi. The balconies overlooking the brook make you feel like you are surrounded by nature, even in your room.

Another factor that makes the facility a boutique hotel is the fruit and vegetable garden located right behind it. The guests are free to pick the fruit and vegetables here. The goat cheese served at breakfast is made from the milk from the goats in the stable on the property. The owners, along with the hotel manager, Evin Tutkanoğlu, create an excellent boutique vacation service without damaging the nature surrounding them.

Selimiye and Hisarönü

While you are in Bördübet, you can visit an area called the Amazon and experience a wilder life away from the sea. It is an ideal place for canoeing and camping enthusiasts, where you can also stay in tree houses. Another place to discover in nearby Bördübet is Selimiye. There are almost no waves in the sea in this small fishing village. All hotels and restaurants there have their own piers, so guests tend to use these piers instead of the beach to have a swim. While there, take a stroll around the market in the village and buy some local honeydew honey and visit the Aurora Restaurant in the village. You should definitely taste their octopus with cappers and ginger oysters. Hisarönü is another virgin bay to visit after Selimiye. Here you can watch a beautiful sunset. Another Golden Key Hotel is also located here. This on-shore hotel has single-floor and duplex villas that are especially great for families with children. While there, try the orange baklava and poppy see

d cake and congratulate the hotel manager, Elif Keskin, for the excellent boutique service they provide.

The Woman who makes the stones talk

Every year the works of an artist are displayed in the open in Golden Key Bördübet, and the artist this year is Günnur Özsoy. The touchstones from her series "Spiritual Experiments" are considerably remarkable. These white stones represent the relationship between the soil and the wind, which makes the birds soar. You should definitely visit Özsoy's workshop in Maslak Atatürk Auto Industrial Estate and witness how she makes the stones talk. If you also have a taste for history apart from art and nature when in Marmaris, then you can visit the ancient city of Physkos, which was mentioned in the Book of Travels by Evliya Çelebi.

Marmaris Castle and Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai.

There are daily tours to Rhodes by ferries for those who are unable to slow down when in Marmaris. You need a visa to go to Rhodes and it is recommended that you buy your tickets beforehand. Rhodes is about a one-hour voyage. As the excursions might be tiresome, you should stay on the island for at least one night.

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