Kiev: Summer's cool city

ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 30.07.2016 01:19
Updated 30.07.2016 01:20
Kiev: Summer's cool city

As the weather becomes scorching hot, people tend to escape to a cooler destination, and Ukraine's Kiev offers a perfect alternative, with its uniquely stylish restaurants and elegant hotels

Kiev, with its concept restaurants, boutique hotels and cool weather, is one of the trendiest destinations this summer. Kept in the shadows of Moscow and St. Petersburg, this stepdaughter of the Soviet Union is the new favorite of wealthy Europeans who are tired of the heat. Even though it has a poor image that's far from newness due to postwar circumstances, Kiev is a pretty distinct alternative for summer vacation with its history, trendy restaurants, boutiques and cool climate.

Many new restaurants have opened in Kiev, which I frequently visited. My favorite place is still the traditional Ukrainian restaurant, Kanapa. Everything you're looking for in terms of trendy restaurants is there. A hostess is there to greet you wearing traditional garb. There are chic, Chester-type sofas around all the tables, in a beautiful maroon color. After being seated, servers place candles atop big candle holders at your table. While they look like simple decorations, they are actually a part of your appetizer. The candles are made of a decadent garlic butter which you can spread on bread and eat. A deliciously creamy chestnut soup is served in a bowl made of carved cabbage and has a nice, smoky flavor. On the other hand, the main course of deer and rabbit meat are the most famous entrees at the restaurant; complete with their own unique presentation. The meat is cooked on the other hand, deer and rabbit meat are the most famous ones. And again they come with a special presentation. Your meat is cooked right on your table, over burning coals in a cast-iron skillet. If you visit Kiev, make sure to stop by this restaurant but be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

The second restaurant I suggest is Whisky Corner, which is famous for its meats and whiskies from around the world. Among the ethnic restaurants, on the other hand, my suggestions are the Georgian restaurant Shoti and the French restaurant Tres Francais. The architecture at Shoti is as much an ambitious endeavor as are its dishes. Thee traditional wood ovens, located in the middle of the two-storey restaurant, along with a fireplace, are striking. Tres Francais, on the other hand, is located at the Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the biggest square of Kiev. This restaurant's frog legs are utterly mouthwatering. If you want to taste more traditional Italian dishes, Monaco is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, featuring cluttered decorations and art deco architecture. Live piano performances are given every night. Make sure to stop by the cheese and delicatessen corner near the restaurant's exit. You will not regret it.

Besides restaurants, there are also numerous cafes in Kiev. Lviv Chocolate House on the Andrevski Slope is one of them. Its lace tablecloths and menus presented on old newspapers take you back in time. The frilly customs of the employees mimic those of the 17th century. The most cutting-edge dish on the menu is the pomegranate truffle and the shoe-shape white chocolate. There are many souvenir alternatives. You can watch how artists paint their oil paint pictures during summer and winter, scroll around souvenir vendors, and stop by antique stores to examine Russian crystals and porcelains and by pictures from street painters on the same slope. There are hundreds, even thousands of pictures along the streets. But if you want to go back home with spectacular watches, crystals and precious jewelry proving Russian workmanship, I suggest you to stop by Crystal Group Ukraine established by Dmitry Berdinsky. This store is the sanctuary for Ukraine's wealthy.

You can end your search for a hotel in Kiev by searching through boutique choices. My first suggestion is 11 Mirror Hotel next to the famous Rio night club. The rooms have a modern architecture, plain but unique designs. We can call this place W Hotel of Kiev. There are minimalist but striking details. Especially pay attention to suede wall coverings and capper door knobs. Besides this, if you want to stay at somewhere historical where you can have breakfast with Russian porcelains, enjoy antique bathtubs, you can prefer the Opera Hotel.

If you say you don't want to return from Kiev without visiting a museum, I suggest you to go and see Micro Miniature Museum. It is full of unbelievable pieces that take place in the Guinness World Records book. The museum where statues made by Ukrainian artist Mykola Syadristy and can only be seen with a microscope are located in is the only one in the world. Many pieces that leave a person in awe like the chess set at the head of a pin, rose motif on a hair strand, pyramids and a caravan in a pin hole are here. In short, Kiev is nothing like you would imagine. Visit, understand and discover this city.

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