Refreshing, organic ice cream shops in Istanbul

SENA ALKAN @senaalkan
Published 20.08.2016 00:00
Updated 20.08.2016 00:58
Refreshing, organic ice cream shops in Istanbul

On hot summer days, ice cream is the best option for refreshment on the streets. Various organic ice cream around Istanbul will make you more energetic and refreshed during the day.

Yaşar Usta Ice Cream

Yaşar Usta Sorbet & Ice Cream is iconic for sorbet and ice cream. Having thousands of fans, Yaşar Usta has such delicious ice cream that people from the European side come to taste their menu. But it is the sorbets that make it so popular. Sorbets are produced from seasonal fruits, and there is a mindboggling range of flavors. It has branches on both the Anatolian and European sides, and all 18 flavors deserve a taste.


Dondurmacci is among the best creameries in town with a wide array of ice creams, including lavender, lemon rose and geranium (ıtır in Turkish). This creamery is so famous that locals and tourists line up to taste the deliciousness. It even produces ice cream from acacia trees. The wide range of flavors is one of the most outstanding features, making it an indispensable stop for those looking for refreshment. The milk used at Dondurmacci is from a farm outside the city and comes from buffalo milk. Opened in 2010, it is growing in popularity by the day and has opened a second branch on the European side.

Mini Dondurma

As its name suggest, Mini Dondurma is a small ice cream shop in the European district of Bebek. With different flavors, Mini Dondurma makes its customers addicted, as every time you visit on a summer day, you will see long lines waiting for a scoop or two. It also has many flavors, such as rose, Turkish delight and mastic. It is not suitable for eating in since it is only four square meters, so get some ice cream and ease on down the road.

Gül Dondurma

Gül Dondurma in the Kadıköy district is one of the most outstanding shops to taste mouth-watering ice cream with flavors such as "Santa Maria," Nutella and melon. Gül Dondurma produces some of the best ice cream in town. With a special promotion, if you visit with three friends, you get one ice cream free. Among the most popular flavors are "Santa Maria" and Nutella.

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