Top 10 beaches in Antalya

Published 15.10.2016 00:00
Updated 17.10.2016 18:50
Top 10 beaches in Antalya

While most parts of Turkey already embraced the fall, weather conditions with temperatures near 30 degrees Celsius still allow tourists and locals in southern provinces to feel like the summer will never end. Daily Sabah has compiled some of the finest beaches in southern province of Antalya, often cited as Turkey's "tourism capital," where you enjoy your last chances for the season to enjoy the warm waters of Mediterranean. Here's the list:

1 - Çıralı Beach

Separated from the renowned city of Olympos only by a rock, Çıralı has one of the most beautiful secluded beaches on the Mediterranean coast and, like Olympos, is the site of ancient Hellenic ruins and historic sites. Çıralı is famous for its flaming rocks, or natural flames that burn constantly on a mountainside at the north end of the village.

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2 - Adrasan Beach

Priceless landscapes which paint the backdrop of Kemer's historic wonders and quaint beaches, Adrasan Beach is one of Antalya's hidden treasures. Offering a quiet escape from the bustle of city life, Adrasan Beach has its own entertainment with quaint bungalows which offer guests a friendly, simple getaway without the pricetag of luxury hotels.

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3- Olympos Beach

Located in the southern holiday region of Antalya, Olympos Beach is probably one of the most well-known beaches in Turkey. Generally preferred by younger couples and teenagers, Olympos is situated near Mount Olympos, dotted with ancient sites along old roads, greenery and natural wonders.

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4 - Konyaaltı Beach

Konyaaltı Beach is located near the city center of Antalya. Free and open to the public, this beach is busy with visitors through the end of October when you can see people swimming and sunbathing on Konyaaltı Beach. If you have to stay in the city center, Konyaaltı Beach is a good option where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

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5 - Alanya Doğu Beach

A year-round tourist destination located in the southern province of Antalya, Alanya is worth a visit in any season, although its atmosphere in spring is completely different. Alanya Doğu Beach is 40 kilometers long and begins on the Alanya Peninsula, stretching down the coast to the Gazipaşa region.

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6 - Lara Beach

Lara Beach is another blue-flagged beaches in Antalya. Since it is close to the city center, it is one of the most preferred beaches among local and international tourists. What makes Lara Beach so popular is not only its clear waters and golden sands but also its beautiful sandcastle exhibition where you can see amazing sculptures made of the pure white grains of sand.

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7 - Patara Beach

Voted one of the top beaches in the world by Times Online Best of 2005, Patara Beach is known as the "widest beach on the northern Mediterranean." A 12 kilometer-stretch of beautiful white sand beach, it is not difficult to understand why this beach is considered one of the best in the world. Located on the southern tourist spots of Kalkan and Kaş, the beach is believed to have been the birthplace of Apollo.

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8 - Cleopatra Beach

Located in Antalya's popular destination spot of Alanya, Cleopatra Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Antalya. Cleopatra Beach is always filled with tourists who enjoy this blue-flagged beach and its clear blue, Mediterranean waters. The beach is free and open to the public.

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9 - Damlataş Beach

Located on the eastern part of Cleopatra Beach, Damlataş Beach is one of the best beaches for snorkeling with its golden fine sand and clear waters. Also, a cave is located in the Damlataş region. Discovered by accident in 1948 during the construction of a harbor in the southern city of Antalya, the Damlataş Cave is one of the most touristic caves in the country.

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10 - Phaselis Beach

Phalesis is not only a beach but also the site of ancient ruins. Located in the northern Antalya town of Tekirova in the district of Kemer, this district has a stunning view overlooking the Mediterranean coast.

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