Kandıra's rocky beaches promise a delightful holiday experience

Published 20.07.2017 00:00
Kandıra's rocky beaches promise a delightful holiday experience

The cliff formations located on the coast of Kerpe, a resort town in the Kandıra district of Kocaeli province on the Black Sea, called "Kartal Kayaları" ("Eagle Rocks"), have become a favorite spot for tourists.

Known as the "Bodrum of the Black Sea" that formed as a result of thousands of years of rock erosion from the waves on the Kerpe shoreline, the "Eagle Rocks" attract some of the biggest crowds in Kandıra.

Located in an area of Kandıra that is easily accessible by car, the area attracts local and international tourists alike who enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset while experiencing activities such as fishing, photography, camping, rock climbing and diving.

The rocks offer a unique opportunity for adrenaline seekers who want to cool off on hot summer days. Locals enjoy climbing to the top of the cliffs and jumping into the cool waters of the Black Sea from a height of 15 meters (49 feet). Also, tourists compete with each other to experience this dangerous and courageous jump as a real-life adventure.

This natural wonder is also preferred by those who wish to enjoy watching the sunrise and the sunset, and is among the favorite spots to photograph, preferred by shutterbugs and couples seeking romantic moments.

Tourists who want to explore new places, experience different adventures and meet new people can set up tents in specially prepared campsites. Campers who cast a fly off the rocks can experience the pleasure of both fishing and cooking the fish they have caught.

The Eagle Rocks are accessible by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality buses departing from Izmit, while those who prefer to go with their own vehicle can follow the 5-kilometer (3-mile) road which veers off from the D-605 highway to Kerpe.

Kandıra Tourism Association President Murat Güneş told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Kandıra offers some of the most beautiful and cleanest coastlines of the Black Sea region.

Noting that Kandıra, which integrates the sea, the sun and greenery in magical harmony, promises an unforgettable holiday for visitors along the coastline that stretches from Karasu to Şile, Güneş said the Eagle Rocks, jutting out like sculptures along the Black Sea coast, are among the leading spots that attract the largest number of tourists.

Güneş stressed that the Eagle Rocks attract more tourists to Kandıra every day with enjoyable landscapes and alternative activities, adding that the well-preserved natural wonders in the region attract Istanbulites as one of the most-preferred spots for weekend travel outside the city.

Pointing out that tourists staying in Kandıra can enjoy a day to the fullest just by visiting the Eagle Rocks, Güneş said that Kandıra welcomes 1.5 million tourists during the summer season, most of whom do not return without getting a glimpse of Kerpe. "We believe that the number of visitors will increase after the completion of the western Black Sea wing of the ongoing Black Sea Coastal Road project as well as the Kandıra Road Double-Lane Highway project," he added.

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