Turkey's biggest waterfall beckons visitors as UNESCO site

KARS, Turkey
Published 22.09.2017 01:09

Nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Tortum Waterfall, the biggest waterfall in Turkey, is flooded with visitors during autumn.

Located in the Uzundere district of Kars province, which was officially registered as the 11th "Cittaslow" of Turkey in 2016, the 21-meter-wide (69-foot-wide) waterfall flows from a height of 48 meters.

The Tortum Waterfall, formed as the result of a landslide on a mountain near the village of Balıklı in the 18th century, is one of the highest waterfalls in the world, attracting thousands of local and foreign tourists annually.

On the days when the water flows effusively, millions of tiny drops create a rainbow-covered masterpiece.

The subsection of the waterfall mesmerizes visitors with its beauty year round and can be accessed by stone stairways lined with iron handrails. Visitors can also go back up using the stairways on the other side of the section.

The viewing terrace located in front of the waterfall attracts a great deal of attention from those who want to observe the waterfall's beauty without getting wet.

Also, some visitors enjoy the water by swimming in the small pools located under the waterfall.

The Tortum Waterfall is also a popular spot for nature and photography lovers.

Local and foreign tourists visiting the area have the opportunity to picnic and rest in the picnic areas near the waterfall.

One of the visitors, Hasan Cellat, an amateur photographer, spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA), saying that as one of the most heavenly spots in Eastern Anatolia, the Tortum Waterfall captures the hearts of everyone who visits.

"Locals and foreign tourists are mesmerized by the wonderful atmosphere of the waterfall. Some refresh themselves by swimming in the water. Everyone has to see this wonderful beauty," said Cellat.

A visitor from Erzurum, Hüseyin Ergün, also said it is a unique waterfall in Turkey, adding that locals are lucky that it is so close to their city.

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