Enjoy autumnal colors at Göynük Canyon

Published 02.10.2017 19:05
Enjoy autumnal colors at Göynük Canyon

Located in Antalya's Kemer district, Göynük Canyon continues to attract local and foreign tourists well into autumn.

It offers one of the best nature walking tracks in the world and is home to a sizable portion of the historic Lycian Way. Tourists visiting Kemer can enjoy the canyon up close by walking through a 750-meter-long path in guided tours.

Besides enjoying the time among its natural beauty, tourists also have the opportunity to cool off in the canyon water, which ranges between 12 and 18 degrees centigrade during the summer months.

Visitors can also take part in a number of exciting activities including white water rafting. Wearing a helmet and life vest, the more daring adventurers can have an exciting adrenaline rush in the canyon.

Although the canyon is mostly visited during the summer, it draws local and foreign tourists even in autumn.

A popular spot for with photography enthusiasts, the spot has also served as a natural outdoor studio for wedding photo shoots in recent years.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) manager of the site Varol Şirinler said that Göynük Canyon has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the city, with numerous locals and visitors comingt here every year.

"Most of our visitors mostly come throughout the months of July and August. But we also have tourists deep into autumn. Especially once the tree leaves turn yellow in September and October, the scenery here attracts a significant number of tourists. We have seen great interest in these two months."

He noted that the facilities at the canyon offer tourists and travelers a chance to relax and spend some time close to nature. It also offers different kinds of exciting activities.

Stating that they mostly used to host European tourists in the past,Şirinler said: "But in the recent years, we have mostly had Russian and local tourists. The canyon attracts more 30,000 visitors annually."

Irina Tanayeva, a Russian tourist visiting the canyon for the first time, said: "The water was extremely cold but I have really enjoyed my time here. No matter how difficult it was trekking through the canyon, I want to come here again."

Noting that there was no similar natural site in Russia, she said that all adrenaline seekers should visit Göynük Canyon.

Ten-year-old Andrey Divrnychuk from Ukraine and his family were visiting the canyon as well, and he said: "Even though it may be difficult but it's really exciting here. We visit Göynük Canyon every year during our holiday in Turkey."

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