Eastern Thrace's Ganos Mountain a palette of autumn colors

Published 25.10.2017 23:43
Eastern Thrace's Ganos Mountain a palette of autumn colors

For those who love spending time outside in the chilly weather of autumn, the Ganos Mountain and the Ganoslar Road in Turkey's historic Eastern Thrace region of Tekirdağ province are preferred destinations for trekkers and have been transformed by nature with the coming of fall, offering nature lovers, photographers and history enthusiasts the chance to explore the natural beauties of Tekirdağ's highlands.

Director of Tekirdağ Forest and Water Affairs Gökay İnal said that the region stands out for its year-round natural beauty, adding that the local government has plans to turn Ganoslar Road into a hub for trekkers.

"We aim to make Tekirdağ a destination for people who have a love for nature sports," İnal said, adding that Ganos Mountain is a suitable place for photo-safaris. "The foothills of the Ganos Mountains are registered as 'nature parks.' Visitors are able to spend the night at camp sites here, get involved in trekking and embark on photo-safaris, as well as enjoying spontaneous picnics."

Located in the heart of Thrace, Ganos Mountain has long been the subject of mythological legends. In fact, the ancient city which was discovered in the foothills of the mountain sheds light on the early Thracians.

Dating back to 5,000 B.C., the ancient city of Thrace provides clues about the political, cultural and daily life of ancient civilizations in the region. The ancient city, which is believed to be a part of the Odrysian Kingdom, lures just as many history enthusiasts as photographers and nature lovers to the region.

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