Being away from sight, Turkey's Kisecik Canyon awaits adventurers

MERSİN, Turkey
Published 26.07.2018 22:39
Updated 26.07.2018 22:41
Being away from sight, Turkey's Kisecik Canyon awaits adventurers

Tucked away on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains in Çamlıyayla, Mersin lay what the locals aptly call "a hidden heaven." Kisecik Canyon is one of the most important tourism hubs of the East Mediterranean and tourists flock to see its beauty regardless of the tough journey it takes to get their on narrow roads and hairpin turns. What's the draw? Visitors come from all around the world to hike its abundant trails and enjoy its lush greenery and relax in the serenity of the beautiful surroundings.

Kisecik Canyon, where green and blue merge together at high altitude, offers a chance to cool off from the sizzling Çukurova heat.

You can enjoy swimming in the cold waters of the canyon or enjoy a joyful journey rafting between the mountains.

With a short raft trip you can reach the deeper parts of the canyon that are normally impossible to get to. The difficult trails between the sheer slopes and the green nature mesmerize visitors and the region becomes an interesting place for photographers and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

As a matter of fact many outdoor sports and photograph clubs organize tours to the canyon.

The director of the Erdemli Limon and Nature Club (ELİDOK) Mesut Çocuk recently took a trip to the canyon with team of 40 people.

In a statement to the Anadolu Agency (AA), he said that he was extremely impressed with the photos they took of the canyon, which are mostly posted on their social media accounts.

Mentioning the hiking they did, Çocuk added that they had the opportunity to see the natural beauties of the region.

Emphasizing the touristic importance of the canyon, Çocuk said, "We crossed the canyon with rafts. No matter where you are from, you need to see this beauty."Meanwhile, Emine Cıdık, a visitor from İzmir, said that she came to the canyon with her family for a short vacation and they loved the region. She said that Mersin was very important in terms of its touristic aspects.

"This is a wonderful place. I highly recommend it to everyone. I let myself go into the cold waters of the canyon as soon as I arrived. I took many photos; it is a wonderful place for photographers. Everybody should come and see these beauties and witness this natural wonder," Cıdık said.

Coming from Adana with his family, Mustafa Sipahi said, "Turkey has various canyons, but this place has something special. You can explore this place."

On a similar note, Nejla Kanlıoğlu from Hamburg, Germany emphasized the impressive aura of the canyon.

Kadriye Türker, another pleased visitor, says that the canyon definitely deserves to be called a "hidden heaven."

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