Turkey's Lake Çıldır offers cooling off in hot summer days

KARS, Turkey
Published 02.08.2018 23:52 Modified 02.08.2018 23:52
Turkey's Lake Çıldır offers cooling off in hot summer days

The second largest lake in eastern Anatolia, Lake Çıldır, which is covered by ice throughout the winter months, draws many people who want to cool off in summer. Located between Kars and Ardahan provinces, Lake Çıldır attracts local and foreign tourists who enjoy swimming in Lake Çıldır at an altitude of 1959 meters.

Tourists, who visit the lake that covers 123-square-kilometers, can have a great time at a log cabin built by the Kars Governorate on the lakeshore along with swimming.

Citizens who picnic by the log cabin and around the lake can dive into the cool water via a newly built pier.

Kadir Sürmeli, one of the citizens visiting Lake Çıldır, said that they have a good time in the lake in hot weather. Sürmeli said, "We relax by coming to this place on weekends with our family. This place is very good for Kars and Ardahan."He mentioned the visitor density, especially on weekends. "People show interest in Lake Çıldır. It is as good as the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. I highly recommend everyone to come here. Its water is also beautiful," he added.

Suat Kartal said: "This is a very beautiful place. We do not need a seaside in Kars when we have Çıldır. Lake Çıldır is very beautiful."

Gökhan Kuyumcu swam in the lake. Stressing that after some arrangements around the lake, it will draw more tourists, Kuyumcu said, "We have Lake Çıldır, which is as beautiful as sea coasts. With arrangements people will want to see this place."

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