Suggestion for holiday destination: Akçakoca

Published 19.08.2018 23:55 Modified 19.08.2018 23:57
Suggestion for holiday destination: Akçakoca

Known as "the pearl of the western Black Sea," Düzce's holiday town Akçakoca is expected to welcome five times more than its population during the nine-day Qurban Bayram (or Eid al-Adha) holiday, which started Friday. The holiday town with a population of 25,600 is expected to host more than 120,000 holidaymakers.

Akçakoca, a district in Düzce, which is only two-and-a-half hours from both Istanbul and Ankara, offers visitors many options like hiking trails, rafting, caving, culture, sea and gastronomical tours. It is also home to the Genoese Castle that is on UNESCO's Temporary World Heritage List.

Akçakoca has a 38-kilometer seaside with myriad beautiful beaches. In particular, Martı, Tersane, Bulaklı, Köy Hizmetleri, Değirmenağzı, Çınaraltı and Çuhallı Çarşı beaches are the most visited in summer.

For adventure seekers, Akçakoca offers a variety of options. The Aktaş and Sarıyayla waterfalls, where every shade of green lingers with harmony, are strongly recommended. Moreover, at Kurugöl Canyon, intermediate and advanced hiking trails await eager hikers. Even though the walk can be challenging, walking until the end to enjoy the visual feast of the waterfalls is a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Akçakoca Mayor Cüneyt Yemenici said holidaymakers have already started to flood the town. Since that there are no vacancies in hotels and motels near the beach, Mayor Yemenici said the municipality has taken precautions for the tourist-flood duringt Qurban Bayram.

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