With water flowing through steep cliffs, Turkey's Tohma Canyon even more beautiful in the fall

Published 12.11.2018 00:00
With water flowing through steep cliffs, Turkey's Tohma Canyon even more beautiful in the fall

Reminiscent of a hidden paradise of historic and natural beauty, the Tohma Canyon in the Darende district of Malatya province continues to fascinate visitors in the fall.

With its steep cliffs, the Tohma River passing through it and the riot of colors of trees in the fall, the canyon offers a unique view to visitors before the winter season.

The Tohma Canyon, formed by breaks in geological periods, carries water flowing through steep cliffs and is a stopover point for nature enthusiasts who want to get away from the stress of urban life.

While it offers visitors an opportunity to relax in a unique landscape in the fall, it has also become indispensable for photography enthusiasts.

The canyon, which is within walking distance of the Somuncu Baba Tomb, offers visitors wooden bridges, mini natural waterfalls, water wheels, walking areas and tea gardens on the Tohma coast. In addition to water sports, those who want to be alone with nature can also camp in certain areas in the valley. People come to the canyon on the weekend for a peaceful environment, to do sports and enjoy the natural beauty of the fall.

Darende Governor Enver Hakan Zengince told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Darende is one of the most important districts in Malatya with its historical and natural beauty at the junction between east and west. Zengince said that the Tohma River and the canyon passing through the center add beauty to the district. Since the Tohma Canyon and the river enable place people to easily access the district center, Zengince said: "It is important to have such a canyon in the district center. We are one of the few cities that have a canyon where people can walk and take pictures. There are many places to visit like this in our district."

Zengince explained that the natural beauty of the district must be seen, adding: "Our district is at the crossing point of climates as well as between the east and west. In spring and autumn, our district has a different look. Especially in the fall, trees and plants make up an array of colors. Every year, we host 700,000-750,000 tourists in our district. Our goal is to increase this figure to 1 million. We want everyone to benefit from the spiritual climate and historical and cultural structure of Darende."

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