Experience the thrill of zip lining over Tortum Lake

Published 23.12.2018 19:45
Updated 24.12.2018 08:00
Experience the thrill of zip lining over Tortum Lake

Due to public-interest expropriation works in his village, Halil İbrahim Bingöl, who was living in Artvin province's Yusufeli district with his family, later settled in Erzurum province's Uzundere district, which was selected as "Turkey's 11th Slowest City" by the International Cittaslow Association.

He then opened a restaurant, swimming pool and picnic area next to Tortum Lake with the support of the municipality. Considering the tourism potential of the district, Bingol decided to carry out a project to offer people a more enjoyable visit.

Inspired by the primitive ropeways used in construction work, Bingöl built a zip line near Tortum Lake with his own means by connecting reels on a steel cable.

Citizens visiting the district can both enjoy a picnic in Uzundere, which fascinates visitors with its natural beauty, and experience the thrill of zip lining over Tortum Lake.

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