On top of the world: Mesmerizing views on the eastern Turkey's mountains

Published 19.01.2019 00:00
The view between Cilo and Sümbül mountains in Hakkari mesmerizes adventure seekers.
The view between Cilo and Sümbül mountains in Hakkari mesmerizes adventure seekers.

In Hakkarİ province, amazing views from Cilo Mountain, the second-highest mountain in Turkey, to Mount Sümbül attract photography lovers.

The region, one of the steepest and most mountainous areas in the country, features Cilo Mountain with an altitude of 4,135 meters, Mount Sümbül with an altitude of 3,467 meters and nearly 30 peaks with altitudes over 3,000 meters.

Hakkari Governor İdris Akbıyık told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Hakkari has a different beauty for every season. He said: "There are unique views that are as good as the Alps and the Himalayas, especially for photographers. Cilo Sat Mountain and İkiyaka Mountain are really beautiful. There are areas for mountaineering, trekking and various sports and activities."

Cilo Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club head Hacı Tansu has been taking photos of the mountains and ice for nearly 20 years. Tansu said: "I climbed high mountains in Hakkari. I was on top of the highest peaks in Asia. Hakkari's mountains are so beautiful - more beautiful than many places that I saw in Europe. Hakkari is a kind of laboratory for photographers. We have brought photographers here many times and organized photo safaris. Everyone who comes here is surprised. They say that this is an incredible region."

Photography lover Merve Öztürk from İzmir province talked about her nature photography in the city: "It has natural beauty, and there are many good people. This is a region that everyone should visit. Like the beauty of seas, the mountains and snow are perfect here." Coming from the Çukurca district to the city center, another visitor, Mehmet Emin Ekler said: "Our wish is that all people benefit from this natural beauty. We especially want photography lovers to visit the region in spring and winter."

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