Photography enthusiasts gather in Phrygia

Published 11.06.2019 00:01
The attendees of the festival will get the chance to view the old towns, rock carved tombs and fairy chimneys.
The attendees of the festival will get the chance to view the old towns, rock carved tombs and fairy chimneys.

Located between Afyonkarahisar, Eskişehir, Ankara and Kütahya provinces, the Phrygia Valley, which was promoted with the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will be hosting local and foreign photography artists on June 15 and June 16. At the 2nd International Phrygia Photofest, more than 600 photography enthusiasts from Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkey will get together.

With the collaboration of the Governorship and Chamber of Industry and Commerce (ATSO), the festival will take place at Phrygia Valley, Eber Lake and Akdağ, and the festival aims to contribute to the promotion of the region.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, the project coordinator and Afyonkarahisar Phrygia Photography Foundation Chairman of the Board Murat Özçelik noted that Phrygia has a 3,000-year history and has an important cultural heritage.

Noting that the part of the valley in the district of İhsaniye started becoming a center of attraction in terms of nature, history and culture tourism, Özçelik added, "Both Phrygia Valley and Afyonkarahisar are regions valuable for country. We organized the first Phrygia Photofest last year nationally and hosted 430 photography lovers in Afyonkarahisar within the scope of the festival. This year more than 600 photography enthusiasts registered for our international festival this year. Our guests from Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia will be together with us this year."

Rock tombs and fairy chimneys

Özçelik noted that Phrygia is a geography with special landscape and the attendees of the festival will get the chance to view the old towns, rock carved tombs and fairy chimneys.

Özçelik further stated that the festival will be a full festival of two days and the honorary guest of this year's festival will be İzzet Keribar, the winner of Presidential Culture and Arts Award. Also, Erdal Kınacı, Burak Şenbak and Özlem Gün Bingöl will be attending the festival.

Along with discussions, there will be "Infrared" and "Creative Photography" workshops. The participants of the festival will get the chance to benefit from the rich visual beauties of the valley and they can do night shoots and star exposure.

"Since this is a living geography, participants will get the chance to take photos of the villages in the valley, nature and history photos. We will also photograph the natural beauties of Eber Lake and Akdağ," said Özçelik.

Photographer Hatice Köken said she has been a photography enthusiast for the past five years and Phrygia Photofest in Afyonkarahisar has introduced many things to her.

Köken said that they will be promoting Phrygia Valley in the best manner possible throughout the festival and said they are expecting a lot of participation in the festival.

"We will visit the natural and historical beauties of mainly Phrygia Valley and Afyonkarahisar. We will be very happy to welcome photography enthusiasts for art in our city," Köken added.

Photographer Sedat Buğa stated that participation to 2nd International Phrygia Photofest has doubled since last year. "I believe a photographer can find everything they are looking for in Phrygia. Objects suitable for nature, history, ornito and macro and many other photography types are available here. We can say there is nothing missing here. Hopefully, this organization will be a success," Buğa said.

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