Suluada: Tropical-style holiday awaits you

Published 11.07.2019 00:10
Suluada's turquoise waters are only accessible by boat.
Suluada's turquoise waters are only accessible by boat.

Going to the Maldives and diving into its turquoise waters is probably everyone's dream. But to enjoy white sands and turquoise waters, you do not have to go all the way to the Maldives: just rent a boat and visit Suluada.

Turkey's southern province Antalya is known for its beaches and unmatched sea, welcoming millions of tourists from around the world. But despite being a popular summer destination, there are still hidden natural wonders that are only known by a few.

One of these places is Suluada, where tourists can arrive only by boat. Every year, hundreds of boat anchor at the shores of Suluada to enjoy its Maldives-like beaches.

The island features two beaches and it is one of the popular destinations of blue cruises. The boat ride to the island from the city center takes about 45 minutes. The beaches of the island are known for their clean waters which are a draw for the tourists.

For adventure seekers, Suluada offers more than turquoise waters and white beaches. The island features numerous underwater caves which are open for exploration. The caves are known as "Love Caves," and the tourists are able to swim under them and discover small pod-like pools and enjoy nature at its best.

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