Çeşme's vibrant beaches offer plenty of options

Published 03.08.2019 00:07
Fly-Inn is a popular beach in Çeşme with its palm trees, golden dust beach and deep blue sea.
Fly-Inn is a popular beach in Çeşme with its palm trees, golden dust beach and deep blue sea.

In these hot summer days, it is time we wrote about Çeşme and Alaçatı, both located in Western Turkey's İzmir. So let's dive in, take a few tours around Çeşme and Alaçatı and take a look at the must-go-to venues. Let us explore the beaches that are a must for summer holidays.

Enjoy the calm

If you want tranquility, go to Plage Isolee with its exquisite white sandy beach and azure sea. This is due to the signature style of Haldun Demirhisar and his Good Works Institution (İyi İşler Müessesesi) here and in the majority of the best enterprises in Alaçatı.

İyi Cafe, Deli Deli, Köyün Delisi and many others are the venues that have come out of the same business.

Plage Isolee is a beach that appeals to those who come to read books, enjoy the sea and the sun, rather than to those who seek to have fun. And it also has a surprise for its visitors. You forgot to take your book with you? Do not worry there is a library of 20,000 books on the beach. The library also has many magazines and newspapers from around the world. The art side is not limited to reading, either.

Over the summer, artists produce paintings and sculptures from recycled materials on the beach. In short, in addition to swimming in the sea, you can also observe the production stages of the artists. On Aug. 30, Recycle Art and Design will be held here in collaboration with Dream Design Factory. There are also classical music concerts at the beach from time to time.

A day under palm trees

Undoubtedly the most popular beach in Çeşme is the Fly-Inn which caters to everyone, young and old alike, with its location and the different businesses it incorporates.

Fly-Inn's founder Hakan Dolakay is known as the first person to introduce the beach club culture to Çeşme. His son Vedat Ali Dolakay is now in charge of the business. Vedat Ali Dolakay explains the secret of their success as the nature of the beach. I would say that palm trees, junipers, the golden dust beach and the deep blue sea are the trademarks of Fly-Inn. It is also quite ambitious about water sports. When you talk about water sports, you should not necessarily think about surfing since there are different water sports for all ages and tastes. And the services are good the venue caters to those looking for both entertainment and comfort.

Star of this summer

Even in the dead season, Esnaf on The Beach is a beach that is bursting at the seams. Operated by Ergun Yıldız, the area is one of the few destinations that manage to attract visitors both during the day and night in Çeşme, just like in Istanbul.

For those who are acquainted with the evening entertainment in Esnaf, I would say that the daytime beach parties offer the same enthusiasm. I must add that the venue serves kokoreç, cow or lamb intestines grilled with plenty of spices, served as a sandwich and this trend on the beach, against the competing lahmacun trend, is a rather ambitious job.

Party every Sunday

When they kicked off last year in Dalyan, a fishing village, many people did not give them a chance. I am talking about The Beach of Momo, owned by Momo's founder Burak Beşer.

Nowadays it is hard to get in without a booking. It is full every day. It is one of the most popular places with popular parties. In addition, watermelon mantı, which has been on the menu since last summer, is possibly one of the most shared and liked dishes on social media.

In the meantime, with Momo Sundays on the beach, the entertainment comes down to the cliffs with a sunset view every Sunday. There also have DJ Cüneyt Öztürk taking the stage who is known in many places from Burning Man to Mykonos. During the Momo Sundays meetings surprising names will headline throughout the summer.

Live music

Spiaggia Grande should be the address for those who want to have fun on the beach both day and night. The beach ended the season last year with a very elaborate program and continues full swing this year.

Sunset parties and evening cabaret shows are of special interest. Hande Subaşı, Baran Bayraktar and Bengü Beker take the stage at sunset parties. During the cabaret evenings, artists including Ayta Sözeri and Cenk Eren take the stage throughout the summer.

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