Gulf of Saros new destination for divers from around the world

EDİRNE, Turkey
Published 16.08.2019 00:18
The Gulf of Saros mesmerizes divers with its rich marine life.
The Gulf of Saros mesmerizes divers with its rich marine life.

There is an entire world under the water, and the best place to discover it is on Turkey's coasts. The southern coasts of Turkey are known for their diving tourism, but there is a secret diving destination — the Gulf of Saros in the northwestern province of Edirne.

Ten years ago, underwater enthusiasts began working on an underwater museum where divers, both amateur and professional, can observe various fish species as well as reefs. Apart from the natural beauty, there are artificial reefs, an Airbus A-330 passenger plane and an old ship waiting submerged for divers.

Although the underwater plane and ship are located in spots accessible only by professional divers, amateurs can still enjoy the underwater beauty of the gulf.

Özkan Arsu of the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation said the Gulf of Saros and Edirne are known for their fish populations and clean water, so divers can enjoy observing various marine creatures. "Thanks to the submerged plane and ship, the number of marine animals is increasing. It is nice to see nature blooming even under water," said Arsu.

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