Canyons in eastern Anatolia lure adventure seekers

ELAZIĞ, Turkey
Published 20.08.2019 00:08
Updated 20.08.2019 00:13
Nature lovers admire the view from one of the caves in Saklıkapı Canyon in Elazığ.
Nature lovers admire the view from one of the caves in Saklıkapı Canyon in Elazığ.

Whether you are an adrenalin junkie or love to photograph nature at its best, you should travel to Turkey. Every corner of the country offers unique experiences, including floating through the sky with a parachute or discovering the depths of a canyon carved out thousands of years ago. Elazığ in eastern Turkey is blessed with natural wonders, and Saklıkapı and Karaleylek canyons in the region are two of the most popular destinations for extreme sports enthusiasts and nature photographers.

Located next to Karakaya Dam Lake, Saklıkapı Canyon stretches for 4.4 kilometers and mesmerizes visitors with its caves, rock fossils and unique flora. Karaleylek Canyon, on the other hand, can be explored on foot and by boat. It stretches for 40 kilometers and the historic caves where the ancients once lived are the most popular places in the canyon. Also, the unique nature of the canyon puts it in a different category, making it a natural wonder.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), professor Taner Şengün said Saklıkapı is one of the rarest types of canyons in Turkey thanks to its unique characteristics. He also said Saklıkapı Canyon and Karaleylek Canyon merge at one point, which makes it perfect for nature lovers as they can visit the two canyons in one day.

Architect Özgül Öztürk, one of the visitors of the canyons, said it is the first time he has seen these types of rock formations. Öztürk assured that Saklıkapı Canyon can also be visited by amateurs as it is not a very tough track apart from one of two climbing points. "I only had to climb the rocks and jump over some of them one or two times. Apart from that, the parkour was easy. Once you overcome the obstacles, you come across one of the best views in the world. This is a place that everyone should visit once in their lifetime."

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