İnceğiz Canyon: A splendid view and peace of mind

Published 03.09.2019 00:02
Visitors of İnceğiz Canyon watch the sunset from an observation deck.
Visitors of İnceğiz Canyon watch the sunset from an observation deck.

İnceğiz Canyon in the western province of Denizli mesmerizes visitors with its scenic and breathtaking view. Created by the waters of the Büyük Menderes River, the canyon stretches from Aydın province's Bozdoğan district to Denizli. The canyon also features rock carved tombs, from 5 B.C.

In order to promote this natural beauty and draw more tourists to the region, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality rolled up their sleeves for some infrastructure work. As a part of the project, lodgings and cafes were built around the canyon for tourists to enjoy the surroundings while spending time with their family and friends. The municipality is also currently working on building a glass terrace where visitors can enjoy the view and feel like they are a part of the landscape itself.

Bahtiyar Koyuncuoğlu was one of the visitors at İnceğiz Canyon who discovered the site on social media first. "I thought I should come here and see it with my own eyes," said Koyuncuoğlu. "This is the first time I have visited İnceğiz Canyon. The view is beyond spectacular."

Emine Çelik came all the way from Antalya to witness the incredible sunset over the canyon. "I feel dizzy by this beautiful nature and landscape. We are in love with this place. We have already started making plans to come here again," said Çelik. Another visitor Büşra Kuru shared her happiness on having a lovely time while surrounded by a beautiful landscape. "This canyon is where the blue sea meets the green of nature," said Kuru. "This is a place where you can find happiness and peace of mind. If you want to spend some time relaxing, İnceğiz Canyon is where you should visit. You can take a sip of your tea and enjoy reading your favorite book while looking at the view."

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