Witness nature's autumn transformation in Düzce's plateaus

Published 22.10.2019 16:17
Updated 20.12.2019 01:10
Witness nature's autumn transformation in Düzce's plateaus

As the weather turns and the leaves have started to fall, nature begins its transformation for winter. But just before the first snow of the year, you have the opportunity to witness autumn at its best on the plateaus of Düzce in northwestern Turkey. With nature adopting all the shades of yellow and brown, it is worth taking a trip to the hills of Düzce to be in nature before it gets too cold.

The Pürenli and Balıklı plateaus, located 1,400 meters above sea level and 25 kilometers from the city center of Düzce, offer the best autumn view for their visitors. Nature lovers usually come to the plateaus to camp around the lake where they can watch the sunset and the sunrise while enjoying untouched nature.

Mustafa Karaca is one of the campers who has chosen the Düzce plateaus to enjoy nature in autumn. Stating that one of his friends recommended he camp in Pürenli Plateau, Karaca continued, “We thought this place would be deserted but we have met campers coming from Istanbul and Ankara. I believe we are quite late to discover this place. I enjoy my time here. I will definitely tell my friends to come here and stay for a night.”

Mehmet Kırklareli is another camper who is in love with the Düzce plateaus. “This time of year is the best time to come and visit this place as nature begins its preparations for winter. If you plan to come here, this is your chance. It is mesmerizing, the color changes here. Come and be one with nature,” Kırklareli said.

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