Good news for handicapped families

Published 10.05.2011 17:42
Updated 10.05.2011 17:46

Nine million handicapped or disabled citizens are set to soon receive “Care insurance”. Impoverished families caring for someone that is disabled will be eligible to receive subsidies from the government.

The government is embarking upon a new plan that will greatly please disabled citizens and their families. Accordingly, all disabled citizens will be qualified to receive 'Care Insurance', which includes health insurance as well as home nursing services.
Nursing care will be financed by the state for impoverished families caring for a disabled member. The requirements that for nursing care to be provided the family member must be 'heavily disabled' as well as the condition that the household income per person is not two thirds more than the minimum wages are clauses to be lifted.
The new system is planned to go into effect within three years' time at the latest. In addition, a 'life coaching' system will also be implemented in order to provide lifetime consulting services for a disabled citizen or their family. Life coaches will assist in finding the disabled education and job opportunities.
According to the latest data, there are nine million disabled citizens currently residing in Turkey. However, only one and a quarter million are registered in the Department of Handicapped Services.
Consisting of 12.29 percent of the population, at present, only 301,000 citizens are able to receive financial aid for home nursing care. The majority of disabled citizens consist of those who have chronic diseases at 9.7 percent. Others that have mental, orthopedic, vision and speech disabilities constitute 2.58 percent.
The following are a series of measures the government has on the agenda:
HANDICAPPED RIGHTS ASSOCIATION: In collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, a Handicapped Rights Tracking and Inspection Committee will be formed to establish equality and prevent discrimination against the disabled.
All handicapped citizens that want to engage in athletics will be covered by social security. A national sign language will be developed for the hearing impaired. The most advanced medical aids such as prosthetics and hearing aids will be completely covered by insurance.
PRESCHOOL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Handicapped children will be able to receive preschool education, and all handicapped students will be able to benefit from complementary transportation.
PUBLIC STAFF TO BE INCREASED: Centers for unobstructed careers and enterprises will be established. The number of public staff positions available for disabled or handicapped citizens will be increased and all open positions filled. Incentives will be offered for employment of the handicapped in the private sector.

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