Soldier killed by PKK terrorists

Published 10.02.2012 21:35

Metin Çetin, a 22-year-old gendarmerie sergeant, was killed in a PKK terrorist attack in Hakkari's Çukurca district.

The family of the soldier from Rize was destroyed upon hearing the news, which was delivered to them in person by the Rize District Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Turhan Talu, who was accompanied by a medical team.
The young soldier's mother Havva Çetin fainted upon hearing the news that her son had been killed in the line of duty by PKK terrorists and was treated by the medical team on site. His father Ahmet Çetin tried to remain strong and stated, "We have had a soldier serving in our family for approximately two years now. My son went off to serve his military duty even before my other son had completed his. If we were to react by tearing down the world it would only please these traitors. Therefore, there is no need. One sacrifice for our nation has come from us."
Çetin, who only had 75 days left of his military service remaining, was buried today in Rize's Güneysu district.

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