Turkey’s Fatih education project acts a model for other nations

Published 13.02.2012 19:49

The Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV) has called the FATİH educational project a global scale project that could be a model for surrounding nations.

TBV has prepared a report on Turkey's national education initiative, the Fatih project which has recently kicked off the pilot program coinciding with the start of the second semester of the current school year. In the report, TBV states that the project is an important opportunity for Turkey's strategic goals of "become a mid and high level technological center, and to answer citizen needs through technology by adopting the e-state format as soon as possible."

The report lists the most important components of operating systems and software as being safety, reliability compatibility, manageability and sustainability and emphasizes the importance of the current and future educational content being ecosystem compatible.

''The 3G characteristic is significant for being a model for surrounding nations"

The report also states that both the 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities of the tablets and smart boards that are being distributed makes the project an excellent model for surrounding nations. "The 3G characteristic increases the opportunity for the FATİH project to be a model for surrounding nations because it can be used in nations that have low ADSL use and high mobile wideband capabilities."

''Curriculum transferred into the digital environment should include interactive options."

The report emphasized the importance of transferring educational curriculum into the digital environment, such as through mobile and video education, e-books and virtual classes and adds that when doing so, it is crucial to add interactive options.

The conclusion of the report states, "We believe that the FATİH project is a significant global-scale education project."

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