Panic button to protect students

Published 31.10.2012 18:53
Updated 31.10.2012 19:02

The ‘panic button’ system initially implemented to protect women from being victims to violence, will now also be used for students to be able to call on police for assistance.

The 'panic button' system, originally developed as a domestic violence preventative measure will now also be utilized in both the nation's education and medical systems. If a student is subjected to violence at school, they will be able to use the button to request immediate police assistance.

The panic button will be distributed to students who have been subjected to violence of bullying through a court ruling and when they feel in threat, they will be able to press the button which will relay information through GPS satellite detailing the precise location of the student to police officers.

Police will also be able to mediate with both sides in order to put an end to the problem and reach a permanent solution

School administrators will also be given these devices which will allow for expedited police intervention in the case of any violent event transpiring.


Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Şahin explains, "This button is actually intended to be a psychologically dissuasive system."

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