Written exams to be replaced with online exams in Turkey

Published 11.12.2014 00:00
Updated 11.12.2014 14:31
Written exams to be replaced with online exams in Turkey

Written exams will be a thing of the past following the announcement of the National Education Ministry's new road map for educational changes, which are to take place within the next five years. According to the draft prepared by the ministry, written exams will be replaced by online exams.

The National Education Ministry has prepared a draft of the strategic plans to be put into practise between 2015 and 2019. The innovations cover a variety of changes in the system of assigning teachers, foreign language education, school budgets, central exams and school books.

In line with developing technologies, the ministry plans to provide greater ease to students taking exams, in particular the central ones. Once the online exam system (e-exam) is applied in Turkey, the exams which are currently taken in written form, will acquire international standards.

According to the planned changes, the 'coach teacher' system will be popularized. New courses supportive of the acamedic success of the students will be opened up. And each student will be taught at least one sports or arts subject.

The Ministry's draft that envisages reforms in the field of education also underscore the significance of acquiring languages, and will make sure every student becomes a fluent speaker of at least one language.

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