Number of e-books in Turkey reaches a new high

Published 21.04.2015 00:00
Updated 21.04.2015 16:17
Number of e-books in Turkey reaches a new high

Statistics released on Tuesday indicate the number of e-books available in Turkey increased by 128 percent in 2014, revealing a steep rise compared to past years.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Statistical Agency (TÜİK) released the number of books published in Turkey last year. Figures point to an e-book boom in the country, as the global phenomenon slowly gains traction in Turkey.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Statistics of TÜİK revealed 5,245 web-based electronic books were released in 2014, a 128 percent increase compared to the 2,299 released in 2013.

Additionally, the total amount of published material in Turkey rose by 7.2 percent to 50,752 in 2014.

More than 91 percent of publications were produced by the private sector, showing an increase of 9.6 percent compared to 2013.

Educational books dominated the list of published books in 2014 with 12,003 books, while adult culture and adult fiction books followed them with 9,381 and 7,726 books, respectively.

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