Turkey marks Barat Night with the same prayer in over 85 thousand mosques

EMRE BAŞARAN @ebasaran49
Published 02.06.2015 04:22
Updated 02.06.2015 06:10
Blue Mosque in historical peninsula, Istanbul
Blue Mosque in historical peninsula, Istanbul

Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs organized a program late on Monday in every mosque of Turkey to mark the night of forgiveness, Laylat al-Baraa, also known as the Barat Night.

The same prayer was made in the same time in 85 thousand mosques all over Turkey, and another mosque in Xanthi, Greece. The head of Presidency of Religious Affairs, Mehmet Görmez was in Greece to meet with the Turks of Western Thrace. He went to the Çınar Mosque in Xanthi to mark the holy night.

Millions of people prayed collectively for a fairer and peaceful world without famine, murder and wars.

Laylat al-Baraa, or Barat Night is the night of 15th of Sha'ban in Islamic calendar, and is also known as the Mid-Sha'ban. The night is believed to be the night of forgiveness.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) paid much importance to the Barat Night. In his hadith, he said "The night of Mid-Shaban, let all of you spend in prayer and its day in fasting, for Allah descends to the nearest heaven during that night beginning with sunset and says: 'Is there no one asking sustenance that I may forgive them? Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant them sustenance? Is there no one under trial that I may relieve them? Is there not such-and-such, is there not such-and-such, and so forth until dawn rises'," according to Ali ibn Abu Talib.

Laylat-al Baraa also indicates the coming of Ramadan, the holy month during which Muslims fast and seek forgiveness.

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