Couple found dead, starving little girl saved upon weak cry

Published 23.06.2015 00:38
Updated 23.06.2015 10:40

A Ukrainian couple has been found dead in their hotel room in Antalya on Monday. They were found thanks to their daughter's faint scream after she had been starving for 3 days in the room.

The dead bodies of the Ukrainian parents, Viacheslav Samilo-38 and wife Maiia Samilo-37 were found by their Russian neighbors after Anzhelika Samilo weakly cried for help after being starved and dehydrated for three days. The neighbors had become suspicious after the poor girl went out to the balcony and said that she was hungry and her parents 'were not waking up.'

The neighbors called the police to report the worrying situation. The couple was pronounced dead after the Gendarmerie and the paramedic teams arrived on the scene and carried out on-site examinations.

The six year-old girl had been trapped for three days in the holiday home the Ukrainian family had rented for the summer in the Mahmutlar district of Antalya.

The neighbors and the residents of the housing estate were taken to Mahmutlar Police station to give testimony on the incident. The little girl was handed over to the authorities after she had a medical check-up.

The cause behind the death of the Ukrainian couple was reported to be excess alcohol consumption but the autopsy by Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute will yield the exact cause.

The neighbors said that the family who had arrived in Antalya on May 8 supposedly had a lot of disagreements and fights. Some even said that Mr. Samilo consumed large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis and even beat up his wife.

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