Early snow on Erciyes

Published 30.08.2015 21:21
Updated 30.08.2015 21:24
Early snow on Erciyes

As temperatures across the country dip lower than seasonal norms, the first snow of the season over the weekend was recorded on Mount Erciyes in Kayseri. Local businessmen are happy about the snow on Erciyes, which at 3,916 meters is one of the country's principle winter sports centers, and expect a good tourism season this winter. Erciyes Ltd CEO Murat Cahid Cıngı said snow precipitation was recorded above 3,400 meters, adding: "Below the summit until 3,400 meters everywhere is white. It can easily be seen from the city center. Last year the first snow was recorded in mid-September. We expect better snow this year because the first precipitation happened 15 days early."

The Meteorology Department said the snowfall was between 4-5 centimeters. Mount Erciyes, which has the highest peak in central Anatolia, is known as one of Turkey's main winter attractions along with nearby Göreme.

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