Two pro-FSA Syrian journalists killed in Turkey's Şanlıurfa province

Published 30.10.2015 16:14
Updated 31.10.2015 11:08
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File Photo

Two Syrian journalists supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were found murdered in their home in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa on Friday.

The victims were identified as Firas Hammadi, the managing editor of Ayn Watan, a weekly newspaper published by activists supporting the FSA, and Ibrahim Abdulkader, a reporter for the newspaper.

Turkish media outlets reported the two men, who shared an apartment flat in Şanlıurfa's Haliliye district, were found with their throats slit using a large knife. Police say the manner of the killings resembled the executions popularized by the ISIS over the summer and fall of 2014.

Police sources said an investigation was underway while seven people, including the Syrians who found the bodies, were being questioned by police. Relatives of the two journalists told reporters that Hammadi and Abdulkader were recently threatened for their anti-ISIS coverage.

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