Murdered Chechen national linked to al-Nusra Front

Published 02.11.2015 21:19

Turkish media has reported that Chechen Russian national Georgiy Kamayev, also known as Mogamed Edelgriev, who was murdered in Istanbul on Sunday, used to fight for an armed faction linked to al-Nusra Front in Syria.

Kamayev was gunned down as he was getting into his car after leaving his home in Istanbul's Başakşehir by unknown assailants. Police found a fake ID in the name of Vahid Tarzayivazalina in his possession.

Turkish news agencies reported that Kamayev was a member of an anti-Russian group in Chechnya and his three brothers were killed in clashes with Russian forces. Kamayev had returned to Turkey after fighting for Muhajirin wa-Ansar, a group of foreign fighters allied with al-Nusra Front, one of the opponents of the Assad regime. Media reports said Kamayev was married to the widow of one of his friends killed in Syria.

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