Security tightens as Turkey gears up to host G20 Summit

Published 05.11.2015 22:05

Belek, a popular vacation resort in southern Turkey, is preparing to host some of the world's most important leaders.

A favorite Mediterranean destination of both foreign and domestic tourists, Antalya's Serik province will house the 13,000 visitors attending the G20 Summit.

The summit will take place Nov.15-16 and provide a major security test for Turkey. This will be the first G20 summit Turkey has hosted since assuming the G20 presidency last year.

Authorities say security for the summit will be high as U.S. President Barack Obama, European Union leaders, Russian and Chinese leaders and other important heads of state will be in attendance.

It is an "extraordinary" situation for Antalya, Governor Muammer Türker said. The city will deploy 12,000 security personnel to protect the summit's 13,000 visitors.

The hotels housing the summit's attendees will be separated from the rest of the neighborhoods and only accredited visitors will be granted access to the area. Governor Türker said they installed more than 350 new cameras, license plate and facial recognition systems in the area to prevent unauthorized access.

Coast Guard boats will be deployed off the coast of Antalya to prevent any security threats from sea. Officials are also considering establishing a no-fly zone over the area.

The Antalya Governor said although they would allow "peaceful" protests, the area where hotels and convention centers are located and routes leading to them will be off-limits to all protesters.

Türker said they have planned for every worst-case scenario and have taken every measure to prevent and respond to any security or health emergency.

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