Minibus driver offers free rides to Syrians

Published 07.11.2015 01:24

Getting around Istanbul is a challenge for poor Syrians living on little in the city they took shelter in after fleeing their war-torn country. A minibus driver in the city's Üsküdar district looks to reach out to impoverished Syrians by offering free rides in his minibus exclusively for Syrians.

A sign on the window of the minibus, a popular means of transportation in the city, reads: "Syrian brothers don't have to pay, I only ask for prayers."

Emre Mollahamzaoğlu says free rides benefit Syrian students most. The idea was originally came from his father, who owns the minibus. "He was watching news when he saw how difficult conditions Syrian refugees live in are. He asked me to give them free rides and had me hang this sign. Especially Syrian students are grateful for not being charged for rides. Sometimes they get emotional and hug us," he said.

"I saw how a good deed my father came up with works after reactions by Syrians. I call other businesses to offer free services to Syrians too," he said.

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