Anti G20, pro-PKK groups occupy offices of two Turkish media institutions

Published 12.11.2015 13:04

Provincial offices of two Turkish media institutions were occupied by groups claiming to protest the upcoming G20 Summit and operations of Turkish security forces against the PKK terror organization.

Both protests were carried out by people claimed to be the members of the minor left-wing Revolutionist Party, and the party's Twitter account posted messages and the photos of the protests.

The Ankara office of Turkish broadcaster NTV was raided by a group of 20 people, which displayed a banner protesting the G20 summit. The banner also referred to Aziz Güler, who died fighting alongside pro-Kurdish left wing groups in the Syrian town of Kobani against ISIS on September 21 and whose body could not be retrieved to Turkey in a complicated bureaucratic process.

Meanwhile, the Mersin office of the Doğan News Agency was also occupied by a group of six claiming to be members of the same party, which held a banner protesting the operations conducted in the southeastern town of Silvan against the PKK and Güler.

Both occupations ended as police units intervened and fifteen people were detained.

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