Dog attacks police, health officials in effort to ‘protect’ his owner in Turkey's Eskişehir province

Published 26.11.2015 15:28
Updated 26.11.2015 15:51

We have all heard of many stories of dogs' endeavors to protect their owners from what they believe is dangerous for them, but this time one of those dogs made an unfortunate mistake in misjudging police and health officials' help to his drug using owner as "dangerous."

The incident happened in Turkey's western province of Eskişehir on Wednesday night, as a pit bull tried to stop police and health officials from helping a man who allegedly overdosed on a chemical drug called "Bonsai."

When the police and health officials reportedly came to the place of incident, they found the man unconscious, with the pit full waiting just by his side, not letting anyone else come near him. The dog was found to have been licking, hugging, and trying to awaken his owner. Officials also tried to wake the man with a megaphone, and eventually took him to the state hospital for treatment.

The man still has a risk of death, the hospital reportedly said, while his dog –which could not be calmed– was tranquilized with an injection and was later sent to an animal shelter.

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