Turkish police seize PKK bomb cache in Şırnak municipality building

Published 28.06.2016 20:14
Updated 28.06.2016 20:25
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Turkish police have seized on Tuesday a cache of mortar shells, belonged to terrorist group PKK, in southeastern Şırnak province's municipality building during anti-terror operation.

A total of 19 mortar shells and one gun were seized by the anti-terror police officers during a raid to the building of Şırnak municipality governed by the pro-PKK Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

The cache was later destroyed in a controlled explosion.

Southeastern municipalities administered by the HDP and their regional affiliate, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) have been accused of aiding and abetting the PKK's urban war strategy. Heavy equipment belonging to the municipalities was allegedly provided to PKK terrorists, according to reports.

There have recently been claims against BDP municipalities say that the party provided assistance to the PKK by using municipal bulldozers to assist with digging trenches and establishing roadblocks, as part of the PKK strategy to claim control over cities.

In Siirt province, a DBP municipality reportedly dug up roads to enable PKK terrorists to plant mines, and then repaved it afterward, so that the PKK could detonate the mines when military vehicles passed.

Some locals have voiced dissatisfaction with these municipalities. Some municipalities including for their alleged attempts to punish those locals who had not voted for them.

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