Daesh rockets fired from Syria hit Kilis, injure 8 people

Published 22.09.2016 14:58
Updated 22.09.2016 18:08
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Two Katyusha rockets fired from Daesh-controlled area in northern Syria landed in Turkey's southern city of Kilis on Thursday, injuring eight people, including six children.

The first rocket hit a shop in a marketplace in the city center of Kilis, which is located some four kilometers north of the border. Kilis Governor stated that six people, including five children, had been injured, and one person remains in a serious condition. All of the injured are Syrian nationals, Governor İsmail Çataklı said.

The second rocket hit Mercidabık Elementary School, injuring a woman and a child, who were taken to a nearby hospital by an ambulance.

Ambulances and police units were dispatched to the area.

Acorrding to the statement of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), howitzers have started to hit back at the area from which Daesh fired rocked into Kilis.

A statement by military sources said that Turkish jets hit Daesh targets in Syria following the second attack, killing many terrorists.

Kilis has been targeted by Daesh terrorists with more than 50 rockets landing in the city between January and May, killing more than 20 people and injuring dozens.

Rocket attacks against Kilis were among the primary reasons of Operation Euphrates Shield, which saw Turkey backing Free Syrian Army (FSA) elements to advance in the border section between the towns of Azaz and Jarablus in northern Syria.

Military experts stated that that in order to relieve Turkish territory from Daesh's Katyusha rockets, which have a range of 40-45 kilometers, FSA units must capture the Dabiq region and the town of al Bab located 25 to 30 kilometers south of the border.

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