Gang of dogs ravages car in northwestern Turkey


The owner of a car in Turkey's northwestern Sakarya province, who found his vehicle ravaged one morning after leaving it parked on the street, was more surprised about the identity of the perpetrators than the damage inflicted.

According to the video reported by Turkish broadcaster ATV, automobile mechanic Cem Acar had parked his car on the street in front of his shop overnight on July 14, only to find the front part of it trashed the next morning.

When Acar watched the security footage to find the perpetrators, he saw that the car had been attacked by a group of ten dogs. In the footage, a dog arrives next to the car and is then followed by other canines. The first dog than moves to the next street to picket, while the remaining dogs pull down the front bumper, break the headlamps and cut off cables.

Acar said that the damage inflicted by the dogs cost him 5,000 Turkish liras ($1,624).

"A police officer, laughing, asked me whether I wanted to press charges," Acar said.

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