Turkish aerobats break slowest airspeed record in breathtaking show

Published 25.01.2017 00:00
Updated 25.01.2017 18:00
AA Photo.
AA Photo.

SOLOTÜRK, the Turkish Armed Forces' aerobatic F-16 fighter jet display team, set a new lowest speed record during their show performed within the framework of the 2017 annual season trainings.

The Turkish aerobatic team succeeded in flying their jets at 100 knots (185 kilometers per hour).

A video fragment, including footage from built-in cameras inside the cockpits, which surfaced on Wednesday, showed the outstanding performance put on by Turkish aerobats.

The F-16 aircrafts, weighing about 13 tons and with a maximum takeoff-landing speed of 300 kilometers per hour, had so far been flown, at low altitude, at about 210 kilometers per hour as the slowest speed.

Captain Erhan Günar and Captain Serdar Doğan beat the record by flying their jets at 185 km/h.

This is a record speed both for SOLOTÜRK, and for the aerobatic teams of other countries performing similar jet displays with F-16 aircrafts, including The Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Poland, and the U.S.

Last year, SOLOTÜRK performed the same demonstration in Britain's Royal International Air Tattoo Military Show at a speed of 220 km/h.

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