12-meter whale washes ashore in Turkey's Hatay

Published 21.06.2017 13:29
Updated 21.06.2017 15:05
emIHA Photo/em
IHA Photo

A 12 meter (39 foot) sperm whale washed ashore in southern Turkey late Tuesday.

The endangered species was discovered by locals in Arsuz district of Hatay province.

"It is difficult to find out now why the whale died," Cemal Turan, a marine science professor from Iskenderun Technical University, said, adding that an autopsy would be needed to learn further details.

"We are now investigating why the whale died. Also, this whale is a dangerous one. If angered it can swallow boats that come across," Turan said.

The university professor added that this particular whale is very valuable in commercial terms, and is endangered as a result of fishing.

Sperm whales, which can reach up to 20 meters, are usually found in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

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