Russian tourists in Turkey’s Antalya caught leaving hotel with bizarre items

Published 30.06.2017 09:43
Updated 30.06.2017 09:44
Russian tourists in Turkey’s Antalya caught leaving hotel with bizarre items

A Russian tourist couple was caught leaving a hotel in Turkey's southern Antalya province with bags full of everything they could take from the room and even the hotel garden.

Travelers Rustam and Maria, from the city of Sirgut in Russia's Siberia region, were spotted with bulging luggage by a worker at the hotel.

Deciding to search the couple's luggage, hotel employees were shocked to find 14 rolls of toilet paper, 5 liters of Baileys liqueur poured into a plastic bottle, two bathrobes, several towels and slippers, 7 kilos of oranges and the most unusual of all, flowers with the roots attached, which had been pulled up from the hotel garden.

The hotel staff valued the items at $231, which the couple paid and were then allowed the leave the hotel with the items.

The incident was lampooned on social media in Russia, with people saying that the couple had embarrassed all Russian tourists and spoiled their reputation in Turkey.

Russians made up the highest percentage of foreign visitors to Turkey in May, with 608,472 Russians making up 21.6 percent of the foreign visitors that month.

The most popular destination for all tourists was Antalya, receiving 36.27 percent of total arrivals, followed by Istanbul with 28.74 percent, Artvin with 8.48 percent, Muğla with 8.17 percent and Edirne with 8.07 percent.

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