Organization of Islamic Cooperation panel discusses Muslim youth

Published 28.09.2017 17:01
Organization of Islamic Cooperation panel discusses Muslim youth

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation held a panel in Istanbul Thursday to discuss the current state of the young population in Muslim countries.

The organization's affiliated foundation the Islamic Conference of Youth organized a panel titled "State of Muslim Youth" to tackle the problems the Muslim youth is experiencing in areas such as politics, economy, entrepreneurship and health services.

A cooperation agreement was also signed by the Ibn Haldun University and the Islamic Conference Youth Forum at the end of the event.

Speaking in the opening session, Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak emphasized the importance of proper education and guidance for the young population.

In his speech, Ibn Haldun Board of Trustees President Professor Irfan Gündüz said: "In order to provide the scholarly services to Muslim youth, the Ibn Haldun University exists and strives. And this agreement proves our willingness for cooperation."

Stressing that Ibn Haldun University was founded with a mission of raising young talents as scientists who are also committed to their traditional and cultural values, Gündüz described their approach as "committed to our roots, relying on the past, stepping out today and looking to the future."

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