Comedian prevented from waving scrambled egg flag

Published 29.10.2017 19:58
Updated 29.10.2017 19:59

A German comedian of Turkish origin was prevented by German authorities from hanging a black flag that carried the recipe of menemen, a Turkish version of scrambled egg with capsicum and tomatoes, written in Arabic script. Aiming to protest German authorities for allowing demonstrations by the PKK, which the EU as a whole considers a terrorist group, Bilgili Üretmen printed the Arabic menemen recipe on the black material, was banned from hanging the flag on his stand in the Schildergasse, one of the city's most popular spots. "What I tried by hanging a flag that is similar to the one used by Daesh was for the Germans to understand how we Turks feel when the authorities constantly allow the PKK to demonstrate," he said.

He said the PKK was responsible for the death of around 40,000 Turkish citizens, while its supporters used banned symbols to demonstrate in Cologne. "Still, I am not allowed to demonstrate with my menemen recipe flag. This alone shows the hypocrisy of Germany and other Western countries."

He said he wanted Germans to get annoyed and react to his flag, and consequently, sympathize with Turks when they react against PKK symbols. "I got permission from several places for my flag. I spent a lot of money to get the posters printed and build the stand. Despite my permission documents, the police stopped me from demonstrating. As I was being prevented from staging my protest, a group of PKK members were waving their flags in front of Cologne's central train station."

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