Turkey's New Year lottery prize to be $15.7 million

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Turkey's huge New Year lottery prize will be 61 million liras ($15.7 million) this year, with tickets going on sale Nov. 29, it was announced Wednesday.

A National Lottery General Directorate official told Anadolu Agency the total prize amount will be 349.2 million Turkish liras ($89.9 million).

The second-highest prize will be 10 million liras ($2.57 million).

The draw planned to be held on Dec. 31.

Lottery tickets will be sold for 60 ($15.4), 30 ($7.7) and 15 Turkish liras ($3.8).

Last year's big prize was 60 million liras ($15.4 million) and was divided among four lucky winners.

The names of the winners were kept secret for security reasons.

Millions of Turkish people are getting ready to play for a titanic cash prize in the country's epic New Year lottery-prompting.

The national lottery was privatized in 2014 when a Turkish consortium of two companies won 10 years of operational rights by placing the highest bid at $2.7 billion.

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