Senior Turkish woman loses life savings in ‘Oktar's kitten’ scam

Published 24.07.2018 15:34
Updated 24.07.2018 16:08

Con artists posing as Turkish police scammed a senior Turkish woman out of TL 31,000 ($6,400) by accusing her of being involved with the recently arrested cult leader Adnan Oktar, according to local reports.

The con men called 75-year-old Saadet U., the victim, on the phone and accused her of being a "kitten" of Oktar.

"Kittens" are the name Oktar gave to the group of young women who appear on his television programs wearing heavy makeup and revealing, flashy outfits.

According to the senior woman, the scammers posed as Turkish police and told her that her number was saved in Oktar's phone as "kitten" and that she was suspected of being in possession of cash and firearms belonging to the cult.

Even though the woman was suspicious of foul play, the con artists were able to convince her by saying they would drop the case against her if she handed over the money.

Meeting with the scammers in a park, the old woman handed over the cash, which she had been saving up for her Hajj pilgrimage.

The police are still looking for the suspects.

Adnan Oktar, the larger-than-life leader of a bizarre cult, is primarily known for a series of books challenging the theory of evolution that he wrote under the pseudonym "Harun Yahya."

He became a household name after he launched a TV station in 2011, which stirred up controversy as Oktar surrounded himself with good-looking young women and men during his bizarre programs in which he delved into topics ranging from evolution theory to the British deep state.

After being detained on July 11, Oktar was was referred to court yesterday, along with 91 other suspects, including his followers and aides, on several charges including running a criminal organization, blackmail and money laundering.

Con artists have been targeting seniors and other unsuspecting victims recently, often posing as officials or security forces. They accuse their victims of being linked with terrorist or criminal organizations and demand large sums of money to not "officially" press charges.

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