1,500-year-old cave church found in eastern Turkey

Published 02.11.2018 22:57

A cave used as a church and believed to date back 1,500 years was discovered in the eastern province of Adıyaman. Villagers alerted authorities when they stumbled into the cave on the banks of Fırat River, near Küllüce village, which was submerged in 1992 after the construction of a dam in the region.

Archaeologists examining the cave found two Maltese crosses carved into the entrance of the church in the 5-meter high, 12-meters long cave. Two altars were also discovered inside the church. Officials said the church had Eastern Roman features. Two military observation towers dating back to the Roman era were discovered in the same area two months ago.

Adıyaman had been under Byzantine rule for more than a century, beginning in A.D. 958, before being conquered by the Seljuks.

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