Post office latest addition to Turkey's efforts to aid Syria's Afrin

Published 13.11.2018 21:48
Updated 14.11.2018 00:09

Turkey's postal directorate is preparing to open a post office in Afrin, a Syrian town liberated by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) from terrorist groups with the aid of the Turkish army earlier this year.

The traditional yellow sign of the Turkish Post and Telegraph Organization (PTT), accompanied with Arabic letters and flags of the FSA and Turkey were placed in front of a building which had been used a post office before the conflict in Syria. The small building was refurbished and is expected to officially open in the coming days. The post office will offer account services for Afrin residents who will also be able to pay their bills through the office. Other services available are money transfer and cargo shipment. The PTT has already opened branches in other Syrian towns including Azaz, Jarablus, al-Rai, al-Bab and Mare. All were liberated from the terrorist group Daesh by the Free Syrian Army backed by the Turkish army in Operation Euphrates Shield in 2016.

Areas previously held by Daesh and groups affiliated with the terrorist group PKK in northern Syria were cleared through Operation Euphrates Shield, launched in August 2016 and Operation Olive Branch, which ended earlier this year. Since then Turkey has made efforts to rebuild the towns' infrastructure, as well as health and education institutions. Schools were being renovated and a hospital is being built. Turkey also helps locals build olive oil facilities in the town where agriculture is the main source of income for residents. Tens of thousands of people who fled terrorist groups in Afrin returned to the town after Operation Olive Branch.

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